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Birmingham-based Richard Green is a watercolour artist and photographer whose work combines the scenery, atmosphere and energy of a variety of urban, rural and coastal locations, particularly around the English Midlands and the South West.
A Member of Birmingham Watercolour Society and an Associate of the Westward Ho! and Bideford Art Society, Richard splits his time between his studios in Kings Heath, Birmingham and Georgeham, a village in North Devon.

He is particularly interested in producing art which accepts and reflects the atmosphere of the moment. His recent paintings portray towns and villages of Warwickshire and Worcestershire, quiet countryside lanes and paths off the beaten track and, in contrast, a set of gritty urban scenes of inner Birmingham. He is currently working on a series of harbour and coastal scenes in North Devon.

His photographic work concentrates on seeing places in a different way – through shapes, angles, texture, pattern and light – so that the beauty of a place, captured in a moment, evokes a lyrical response. He has held exhibitions combining poetry and photography (with Julie Boden and David Hart) at the Orange Studio in Birmingham and has a portfolio of photographs which trace the changes in a ten-year urban regeneration programme at Birmingham Eastside.