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1984 – 1985: Coventry Lanchester Polytechnic. Foundation Art

1985 – 1988: Wolverhampton Polytechnic . Printmaking and Graphic Design

1988 – 2000: In and out of dead-end work while I honed my draughtsmanship skills. I also started to use watercolour a lot at this time.

2000: turned professional after winning Channel 4’s Watercolour Challenge.

2000 – present time: Continue to paint, almost exclusively in watercolour, selling my work as and where I am able to do so.


Rupert is regular demonstrator of watercolour techniques to art societies. He has represented at the Saatchi online Gallery

Examples of his work are to be found in numerous private collections in Europe, The United States of America, Asia, The Middle East and Australia.

His Father, an engineer by profession but also a gifted draughtsman, taught him that drawing was not just a normal part of life but an important part too. Rupert & his two brothers, from pre-school years onwards, were provided with a never-ending supply of paper and coloured pencils at home so that drawing for them was simply a natural extension of playing.

By the time he started school, aerial and linear perspective were part of his expanding repertoire of self-expression thanks to these formative years.

Whilst he understand only too well how these skills can be lost through lack of practice, his primary concerns now, are not the skills of drawing but the things he draws. At the moment church architecture and rural landscape seem to hold an equal pull for him, the common denominator being the endless variety of shape and colour afforded by both as a suitable subjects to get his teeth in to.

He always paint directly from whatever subject he has chosen ( unless he is doing a demo ). The pleasure of being out in the countryside, in a great gothic cathedral of a remote village church play an important part in helping him communicate his  enthusiasm for the subject into the painting.

In the beginning, he gravitated to watercolour because he believed it to be fairly easy to do, inexpensive and well-suited to carrying around outdoors. All this still holds true but he also knows that he will never tire of the endless variety and suitabilty of this beautiful medium to almost any subject.