Sue Wilson


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Birmingham Society of Botanical Artists



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Sue started to paint about 8 years ago when her husband bought her a paint box!

She loved art at school but hadn’t picked up a paint brush since as family, career, life, etc, got in the way.  So she started a huge learning process and found that I loved watercolours.  Although she has dabbled in other media, she thinks the translucency and delicacy of watercolours lends itself to the things she likes to paint.

Her style is a bit mixed but has recently completed a Diploma with the UK Society of Botanical Artists, she finds that this is where her main focus is at present.

She is Secretary of the Birmingham Society of Botanical Artists.  However, having completed one of these precise and exact botanical works, she feels it is so nice to paint with a loose and sometimes semi-abstract style to, and hopefully, achieve a more modern edge!

She runs two Art groups at the Jinney Ring Craft Centre and also teaches a small class of enthusiastic beginners.