Well yesterday’s Society Festive Lunch proceedings went off very well indeed, despite a major power cut, fortunately just when everyone was coming to the end of the main course.

However everyone took it in great spirits, and it was quite amusing watching everyone going to the toilet with their iPhone torches .

Thanks to Trevor and partner Pauline for arranging the day once again,  an excellent meal and lovely venue.

Thanks to members who made journey in poor weather conditions, especially those travelling a long distance, and to those that tried to make it and had to turn back, there is always next year.

Here are some images from around the tables.

Richard Green lends a hand in the darkness with iPhone torches!

Bob Swingler , Geoff & Andrea Butterworth catching up in between courses. Good to see you Geoff & Andrea.

Trevor Bennett & Partner Pauline. Thanks for organising it all Trevor,

No party is complete without the customary ‘selfie’, Shirley Bonas & Alan Yates.

Geoff & Andrea Butterworth

President Nigel Priddey  & wife Liz

Valerie Dugan & Partner Paul

Brian Garbett & Peter Richmond

Pauline Richmond, chatting with Chris & Ron Law

Sheila Garbett & Marie Reading

Alan Reading & John Maule-ffinch

Judy & Richard Green

Pauline, Ennis & Joan Burnett

Bob & Muriel Swingler

Ennis (Norman Wisdom) Burnett & wife Joan

George & Dorothy Loades

Dynamic duo, Batman & Robin!  Richard & Alan

Ann Hacket chatting with Ron, Pauline & Peter

Ron & Chris Law with Geoff Butterworth

The President & Committee now look forward to another successful year ahead, and hope that all members will be looking forward to our forthcoming exhibitions at Hanbury Hall once again , and at the RBSA.

Details will be announced soon.