BWS AGM 2021

Yesterday evenings Annual General Meeting went very well indeed. Sadly though the attendance was down to around 15 members, this possibly due to the uncertainty of Covid. However we were very pleased that 3 of our new members attended.

Minutes of the meeting will be issued soon. The main points toward the end of the meeting was of course changes to Officers of the Committee. Nigel Priddey having spent the last 18 months as Vice President and now handing over the role of President to Robin Holder..

Ron Law who took over the Treasures role temporally, last night handed over this role to Wal Wolinski .

We thank those members, Robin & Wal for standing in to take over these duties, and we all will assist them in the very best way possible.

These moves do of course leave some vacancies on the General Committee, so please if any member wishes to join the Committee,  let us know.

A reminder to members regarding the forthcoming Selly Manor Exhibition….. entries must be in by 16th August 21

Here are some images of the evening , with the final few minutes left to show work from members Robin Holder, John Instance & Alan Yates


Nigel handing over the Presidents Gong to Robin Holder

Robin presenting Nigel with a Gift Token.
Nigel has kindly volunteered to be Vice President once again, unless any member would like to take up the position, please let us know.

Wal ( New Treasurer) presenting Ron with a Gift token.

A presentation will also be made to outgoing Society Archivist Bob Swingler,  who was not able to attend yesterdays meeting.

Robin was first up with his latest painting of his beloved River Severn.

John talking through his Tenby Harbour scene.

The Pantheon Rome,….  yours truly

Another nice painting by John…” Bend in the Severn.”

The Next BWS AGM is planned for 7th March 2022, which will hopefully put us back on track.