The handing in date for this years exhibition will be Friday 22nd July 2016, and not as stated in the new Members Book which will be issued to members shortly.
The exhibition will run from 23rd July till 1st September 2016
Handing in date is Friday 22nd July 2016

All dates and times will of course be stated in the schedules

You will all be pleased to know that there has been some refurbishment work  carried out over recent months at Hanbury, including the Long Gallery which has been long overdue.

The modifications include a new Hanging system, of which I am certain will be welcomed by John Everton and the Hanging Team.
In addition, new carpeting throughout, new paintwork in a nice colour scheme, with small tables with lighting on the window wall.

Here are some images.

BWS Hanbury 1 DSC_1705 BWS Hanbury 2 BWS Hanbury 3 DSC_1707 BWS Hanbury 4 DSC_1708 BWS Hanbury 5 DSC_1713 BWS Hanbury 6 DSC_1711