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After completing the Foundation course at Canterbury Art College, Angela graduated in fine art, painting and sculpture from Portsmouth College of Art. A post graduate teaching year followed in Birmingham and She commenced a teaching career which spanned 37 years mainly as Head of the Art Department. She then ran an adult pottery class before retiring completely from Art Education.

During those teaching years she had a solo exhibition in Furze Bank Community Centre Willenhall, entitled ‘Industrial Waterways’ featuring paintings of Round Oak and Bilston Steel works, inspired by Black Country heavy industry.

Since joining the Friends of the RBSA in 2013 she has successfully submitted paintings in all of their exhibitions and recently had two accepted in the Birmingham Today Competition, one of which was sold. Later this year she is participating in an Artists Open Studio art trail in Crickhowell Powys.

She is a member of the Friends Autumn Curation Team and has joined the Friends committee.

She is fascinated by what the eye doesn’t always see on first viewing. Working from life, photographs visual memory and imagination, She tries to capture these details, infusing light, atmosphere and depth of her work.