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I have always painted from as far back as I can remember, influenced by my older brother who was good at art. It was only much later in life that I had the opportunity to try to make a living out of it, which I jumped at. I was pretty hopeless really having no idea of technique or application so I just got stuck in and persevered. I had some artists watercolours bought me by my Mum so from oils I started in watercolours. This was a revelation and I quickly got into the medium by looking at some other artists work. Trial and error got me a style of painting that started to sell and after going self-employed in 1980 my work was appearing in local galleries. I was ambitious and hated the term of ‘Local Artist’

I wanted to be more than that so I set out to promote my work around the country to an extent that there were over twenty galleries selling my work by the end of the 80’s.

I have always loved societies and have been in several through invitation, the best being the British Watercolour Society, where in the first three Exhibitions I took part in, I won outright and got some great publicity. I headed the first British Watercolour society exhibition at the large G-Mex exhibition hall in Manchester and designed the cover catalogue.

I then entered the Laing Landscape and seascape competition in the Mall Gallery and won the Public vote for my entry and the following year I won the major prize. I joined the Birmingham watercolour society in 2007 and the following year I won a top prize in their centenary Exhibition. Since then I have had work in the Not the Turner Prize, the Singer and Freidlander Watercolour Competition and won the Plein Air competition at the Hayfield Pro Loco, in Derbyshire. I now sell from my studio in Whitworth Lancashire and from Beckstone Gallery, in the Lake District.

Societies that I have been in and am still in :-

The Royal society of Arts, manufacturers and Commerce.
The Yorkshire Itinerants Society
The Society of Artists.
The British Watercolour Society
The Birmingham Watercolour Society
The Saddleworth group of artists.
Now Northern representative for the International Watercolour Society.
I am artist in residence at Towneley Hall, and also for Northern Life Magazine.