Gillian Turner Aldridge RBSA

UK [Hon]

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0121 6882923


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Gillian took courses at Warwick University for six years; Birmingham College of Art; and National Association of Goldsmiths. An active member of the Birmingham Art Circle and Birmingham Watercolour Society, she also works with acrylic, oil, and pastel. ‘Most of my paintings stem from visual memory of associations, and images of form and colour. The development of painting is always a great adventure. Many drawings help me to realise my vision. The whole process is fraught with moments of desperation and determination as the cautious game of adjustment strengthens composition, drawing and colour which leads to a visual statement where nothing can be added or taken away’. Exhibitions; RBSA, RCA Galleries; Mid-Art; John Noott; Driffold; Laing London Finalist; Llewellyn Alexander London; Royal Society of Women Artists; Gloucester Cathedral; Stourbridge College Living Gallery; St Ives Art Society’s Mariners Gallery. Awards; First Prizewinner Royal Cambrian Academy, First Prizewinner Living Gallery Stourbridge, High Commendation Royal Cambrian Academy, High Commendation Royal Birmingham Society of Artists. Two solo exhibitions; Royal Shakespeare Theatre Stratford-upon-Avon. Commission Midland Housing Authority. Loan of Paintings to the B.B.C. Tutor/Demonstrator