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There is nothing deep or philosophical that I can say about my paintings, I just thoroughly enjoy drawing and the whole process of mixing and spreading paint. I try to capture a thought or feeling, to communicate how I personally see and experience people and places.

I find I am constantly pushing the boundaries between representation and abstract, and my current work is generally tipping the balance toward the abstract side.

I prepare sketches and photographs on site, which I develop in the studio away from the subject influence; I am then able to make my own personal statement. I should probably say therefore that my paintings are more about, rather than of, the landscape. The painting ultimately takes on a life of its own and, when finished, it becomes an entity in its own right which, I hope, will speak to the viewer and create a sympathetic dialogue between them.

I paint in acrylic, watercolour and gouache, with charcoal and pastel, and, more often than not, in a mixture of several mediums and anything that comes to hand, in order to obtain the immediacy of effect I am looking to achieve.

I have exhibited throughout the UK; have paintings, including commissions, in both private and corporate collections, in the UK, France and Bermuda and won several awards.