Lyn Armitage SFP


Societies & associations:
Society of Floral Painters
The Leicester Sketch Club
The Leicester Society of Artists
The Birmingham Art Circle


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About the artist:

Lyn originates from Yorkshire where she trained to be a teacher. She moved to Leicestershire in the seventies and has been teaching and painting there since then. Her work can be found in local galleries and she has sold to the John Lewis Group.

She is a member of the Society of Floral Painters, the Birmingham Watercolour Society and the Leicester Sketch Club and is a professional member of the SAA. Recent Prizes include the Brian Ward Memorial Prize and third in show with the RBSA Friends open exhibition.

Her time is spent mainly painting in watercolour and mixed media and preparing for her watercolour workshops, and numerous classes she teaches. She is a keen gardener. Inspiration for Lyn’s work comes from flowers and nature. Her aim is not to capture every detail but to seek to explore her response to, and the remembered atmosphere of the scene en-masse.

Lyn arrives at this personal vision by flooding the paper with water, working quickly and spontaneously with the pigment and keeping the composition continually on the move until she is happy with the final image.

Her paintings are on the larger side thus giving the viewer the feeling of being immersed in the first moments of her visual excitement, with colour and light integral to achieving this.

Recently she has been experimenting with the inclusion of acrylic ink and pastels in her work.