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My interest in art started when very young, influenced by my father, who later became a keen painter in oils, and then by my art teacher at school.  I didn’t paint again until I retired.

In 2015, I was excited to find the time to paint again.  Apart from valued coaching by a local artist and participation in workshops run by selected British artists, I am essentially self-taught.  I was initially inspired by 20th century artists such as Heaton Cooper, Seago and Wesson, particularly for their transparent colour washes and subject interpretation.  Nowadays I study the techniques of a wide range of contemporary international artists as a reference for my own painting.

I have remained focused on landscape painting using transparent watercolours.  This versatile medium gives me endless scope for experimentation and development and therefore I have had no cause to diversify.

My subjects are primarily of water, especially coastal scenes, but I’m also inspired by mountains and other natural landscapes.  My paintings are broadly realistic with impressionistic elements.  I work from my own photographs and sketches on location producing art at home which is broadly accurate and therefore recognisable to the original.  I am strongly influenced by light, looking for an unusual angle or intensity to express the special emotion of the scene, and will dial up both contrast and colour to create impact.