Mike Thompson


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The Yardley Society of Artists
The Drawbridge Art Society



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About the artist:

Mike has demonstrated his love and talent from a very early age and is currently running two local art clubs in the West Midlands. In addition he is in big demand as a demonstrator by Art Clubs across the UK .

He has held many exhibitions and has sold both prints and originals world wide.

Initially he served  a six year apprenticeship as a colour retoucher, working on glass in the printing industry and was a member of the Society of Lithographic Artists Designers & Engravers.

He has produced fine art prints for himself and other well established artists. He was also a licenced artist for Jaguar cars producing fine art prints and cards for the motor industry . In addition he became a top designer for a leading Christmas Card Company.

Mike is one of a very few Internationally recognised artists who uses the three primary colours to produce over 1000 mixes evident in his book, ‘Colour Mixing Easy as 1, 2, 3’