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My art is strongly rooted by a lifelong connection with the Severn,
Britain’s longest river, experiencing it for the first time aged four in
the city of Worcester where I was born and raised.
This early fascination grew over time and drove me to becoming a
completely self-taught painter, obsessed with capturing all two
hundred and twenty miles from source to sea.
Inspiration comes easily and strong emotional ties influence my
work, shifting from realism to abstraction dependant on whether my
subject is immediate or recollected.
Watercolour, acrylics, oils and mixed media all form part of my
approach, often with an emphasis on line. Line is usually my first
response and I like to preserve the honesty in these marks.
Having shaken off all my earliest influences, I have spent over two
decades creating my own account of the Severn, all two hundred and
twenty miles of it.


Spirit of the Severn