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Sue states that painting is fun and firmly believes it should be viewed as such. She attempts to infuse joy into her paintings often making them slightly ‘quirky’ and In so doing putting her inner self into her animal paintings which are very often portraits as opposed to landscapes with animals.

She fell into painting African wildlife probably as a form of escapism having left Africa and wanting to bring ’it’ with her. Whilst elephants are still one of her favourites, She has left Africa behind and is now drawn to British wildlife and domestic animals.

Watercolour is Sue’s medium of choice. She uses a limited palette, keeps to transparent colours and enjoy experimenting with new colours.

Largely self taught, she states that it is gratifying that through exhibiting her work, and work of mouth, she achieves sales and commissions. Her work is now held in collections both in the UK and abroad. She has exhibited and sold at venues including the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art (NEWA).

Although her venture into human portraiture is relevantly recent, her portrait ‘Nonna’ was awarded the Barracks Trust prize at the Three Counties Open Exhibition at Keele University in 2013 and also chosen best portrait and best in show at an independently selected exhibition of Stafford Art Group. She has received various awards over the years for her work.

Sue tutors 4 art groups and run classes and workshops for the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust at their headquarters in Staffordshire.

She tries to impart to her students the joy, sense of freedom and release that she gets from painting, whilst at the same time encouraging them to put their own style and personality into their work.