Following the closure of this exhibition, we are very pleased to report that our 3 BWS International Members,  Stephen Wise, Pasqualino Fracasso & Corneliu Dragan Targoviste, have now had their work selected along with 147 others  to go out on  tour.

You will recall that there were eventually 250 paintings selected for the original exhibition, from around 3800 entries. so to be chosen in the final stage in 150 is a great achievement.

The paintings will be on display in 7 different galleries around China,  and this will be over a 12 month period.

Congratulations Gentlemen for keeping the BWS flag flying around the world.

Here are the paintings once again :
Stephens ‘The Adjudicator of Souls’


Pasqualino’s, ‘Inside Girl’


Corneliu’s ‘Venice’